Carolyn TuckerHow Did I Get Here?

It all began in 2002. I fell deeply in love. Cupid struck and I dove heart-first into yoga.

For years, I taught and practiced with commitment – until the universe prompted me to rethink my devotion. Injuries were wearing me down. Boredom was setting in. Certain that a new path was calling yet uncertain where it would lead, I immersed myself in the world of movement and undertook a journey of discovery.

I attended Animal Flow and MovNat® workshops, became certified in Functional Range Conditioning®, and dabbled in Yoga Detour™, Nia™, and Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™. In doing so, my eyes opened, my heart expanded, and a new vision came to me. That vision is my reality today.

​As the founder of Yogility™, I offer movement classes that focus primarily on mobility, stability, and agility – the three cornerstones of health and wellbeing for those in or approaching midlife.

As a Longevity Coach I indulge my passion for healthy living, teaching and sharing, and help highly productive individuals recover from injury, overcome burnout, and conquer barriers to wellbeing by getting to the heart of the matter through authentic connection and open dialogue.

Are you ready to reawaken your body and spirit, and return to your former high-impact lifestyle? If so, it would be my privilege to facilitate your journey through mindful movement, stillness, nutritional counseling, and conversation.