Are you fed up with feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from recurring injuries and pain?

For years my body was sending me messages but I was too busy trying to stay strong and fit to pay attention.Then one day, after a serious fall that left me with a broken wrist and a swollen face, I was finally forced to slow down and listen.                                          

What I had not realized was that my body had been changing but my lifestyle habits, workouts, and mindset had not changed at all. I learned that what had worked for my body in my 30’s and 40’s no longer felt good in my 50’s.   

This realization sent me on a deep dive of certifications and education and inspired me to create Yogility, a holistic movement practice designed to support healthy aging and prevent injury.

Now was the time to preserve the strength and agility I had developed throughout my lifetime instead of beating it into submission. Yogility was born out of a desire to honour my body and be able to offer a movement practice for myself and my clients that would nourish every joint and muscle from head to toe.

As a certified Health and Wellness Coach,  I support other strong and active women as we navigate the choppy waters of menopause and beyond.

My tool kit contains a lifetime of experience as a movement educator, a health and wellness expert, and a spiritual warrior.

I work with women at or beyond mid life to help them restore their energy, get out of pain, prevent injury and design a lifestyle that keeps them strong, active and ageless.

When we know better we do better.

If you are ready to enjoy all the things you love to do without pain or injury let’s connect.



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“Working with Carolyn on a 90-Day Total Transformation Program has been life-changing.

After years of cleanses and healthy eating plans that never seemed to stick, Carolyn helped me to see deep- rooted behaviour patterns at play in all areas of my life. 
Week by week, as we delved deeper, I began to see patterns that have been keeping me stuck and living in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Steadfast and relentless in holding me to my own highest standard, Carolyn never allowed me to fall back into the same old patterns.

Carolyn’s depth of knowledge and expertise in health and human behavior, helped me to gain so much clarity and now I am both happier and healthier.  I was always surprised by where our sessions led and I definitely would not have gotten there without her. “
Michele M.

You are just so wonderful in the way you teach and in devising the movements themselves. You are so devoted to your craft, so innovative and energetic.You are so capable and intelligent and express yourself in such an honest, confident and easygoing way, just being who you are, so humanizing and at ease.


Carolyn I am loving these classes! After just a few weeks of  Zoom classes and You Tube videos, I am getting more out of Yogility than I was out of months of physical therapy sessions and can feel definite improvement in my flexibility and agility. “
Viv M.

 “Hi Carolyn, I really loved today’s class. All of the classes I’ve done have been amazing.Your cueing is easy to follow. I don’t have to stare at the screen constantly.I hike or walk every day, so I am active, but this is definitely the best thing I’ve done in a very long time to keep flexible, fluid and ache free.”
Diane A.